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The 7 Best Ways to Market Your Business Online

It is useless to think your website will increase in rankings if you just wait long enough. In the era of consumption, everyone wants to get fast results with minimal effort. Only hard work and the use of multiple marketing channels can put your brand in the spotlight. There are no simple ways to implement large-scale and long-term positive transformations. You must do something useful and valuable with your website on a daily basis to earn a higher ranking.

Your endeavors should not be chaotic. If you do not understand what you are doing, you risk wasting precious time and resources. You need to develop a strategy to move your brand to the top of search rankings. 

Here are the seven best ways to market your brand online. Throughout my long digital marketing career, I have personally tried each approach and can say with confidence that these methods will exceed your boldest expectations if you use them thoughtfully. 

1. Share valuable information in your blog.

Blogging is a great way to improve your brand’s reputation and supply your target audience with useful and relevant information. Deep familiarization with your goods and services will increase the number of loyal customers. People tend to trust companies that behave openly and transparently, share their news and insights, and invite the public to look behind the curtain to understand how their business operates. 

Your content should be high-quality, authoritative and, at the same time, entertaining. Spare your blog visitors from dry and boring instructions. If they want to study something boring, they can find plenty of information elsewhere. 

Bear in mind that text is not the only suitable format for blogs. You can create detailed and demonstrative video tutorials for YouTube that will be of great use to your target audience. Use videos to review new products, show how your goods can be used, share your experience and provide business tips to aspiring entrepreneurs. 

Whether you share your computer screen or capture real-life scenes, make sure your sound and images are of high quality and your content is pleasant to view. Also, do not forget to insert a link to your website in the descriptions under your videos. 

Focus on delivering value rather than generating profit. Blogging is a long-term strategy, but it brings lasting effects. 

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2. Reach out to the community on forums.

Trying to advertise your brand to everyone on the web is a waste of time. You will have better success finding parties interested in your goods and services on forums. In this specialized environment, your message will reach recipients who understand its value. 

Be careful not to get spammy with your comments. Many entrepreneurs enter forums for the purpose of placing links and the topic does not always correspond to their business. This behavior is primitive and frowned upon, and spammers are often banned from the forums. 

Treat forum communication seriously. Establish yourself as a respected community member, shape an expert image and be ready to share your valuable knowledge with like-minded people. 

Do not insert your links right away. Your comments should not look promotional. Join a controversial conversation (for example, about B2B vs. B2C, pros and cons of some product, the best brand in your niche, etc.) answer other visitors’ questions, make suggestions and chat. After forum users begin trusting your opinion, add a link in your signature or messages where appropriate, but only if the forum administration allows you to do so. 

3. If you sell on Amazon, advertise your brand on Amazon marketplaces.

It can be challenging to create and advertise your own website from scratch, but a popular online marketplace can provide a reliable platform for a smooth start. There is no need to chase success by trial and error. Amazon’s administration provides ready solutions and detailed step-by-step instructions on how to market online businesses and hit high sales goals. 

For example, you can incorporate its comprehensive advertising program, including sponsored products and sponsored brands, into your business strategy. These pay-per-click methods are based on keyword optimization and contextual targeting. You can attract the attention of potential users to certain goods and services, a landing page or your main Amazon store page. It is very convenient to utilize ready-made approaches, since the marketplace’s support team is always there to lend a hand to help you overcome challenges. 

4. Leverage social media.

If you want people to associate your brand with entertainment and recreation, advertise where web users have fun and relax, especially social media platforms. Potential customers are less likely to discard your offers when they are in a good mood, after communicating with friends, viewing cute pictures or watching interesting videos.  

Of course, in the era of information, it is hard to make your messages stand out in a neverending content feed. It is nearly impossible to achieve sufficient visibility and establish contact with thousands of subscribers by placing posts manually, so you will need special amplifiers and influencers, which are not free. But, the robust influx of clientele that you attract using this marketing strategy can make it worth the money you spend. 

5. Take advantage of email marketing.

It is very important to distinguish between well-thought-out digital marketing strategies and annoying spam. In the first case, you support your prospective clients rather than disturbing them. They will most likely enjoy the communication and send you positive feedback. 

An important challenge is forming an extensive email base. To build your email address book, offer something valuable without expecting anything but an email address in return. Since many entrepreneurs view email marketing as mere spam distribution, very few companies use it successfully, meaning you will not face serious competition. 

Try not to focus exclusively on selling in your emails. Your messages should be helpful to people interested in your niche, making it easy for them to make well-informed choices. If aggressive calls to action are the first things recipients see, your address may be relegated to a spam folder, never to be seen or used again. It is better to focus on successful business tips or product descriptions. 

6. Offer free products and services.

Everyone likes gifts. Free trifles are a great way to shape a positive first impression. It is not obligatory to offer something expensive. An entry-level product or a 15-minute consultation is enough to satisfy potential clients and stimulate their loyalty to your brand. 

Apart from gaining customers’ trust, you can also collect their demographic and contact data, which is a great way to prepare for an email marketing campaign. Apart from this, you can cross-sell. People are likely to buy more if they receive something for free. 

7. Use the power of SEO.

It can be difficult for a new brand to stand out from the crowd and quickly form loyal clientele. You can accelerate this process by incorporating popular keywords in your texts, meta descriptions and titles. This will strengthen your brand’s authority, attract Google’s attention to your online resource and generate more traffic. 

Do not simply stuff your texts with keywords. Make sure your content is of high quality and reader-friendly. Devote attention to both on-page and off-page optimization. SEO should be invisible to your potential clients. They should perceive that your articles and product descriptions were written to deliver helpful information rather than sell.  

Apart from using popular keywords, make sure your site is fast and mobile-friendly. No one will read your texts if it takes forever for your pages to load. If you do not optimize for mobile, people are likely to drop your website and find a less awkward resource.  

SEO is not a simple short-term fix. It is a long game, so make your efforts continuous and unrelenting. Success will not come quickly, but with a thoughtful approach, it will be long-lasting. Online marketing is more of a marathon than a sprint, so be patient and move persistently towards your goal.

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